Air Quality


Air Quality at Dubin Airport

There is an Air Quality Monitoring programme in place at Dublin Airport and in surrounding areas in order to measure the concentrations of different pollutants in the air. These measurements are taken at 10 different locations outside the airport boundary using diffusion tube sampling. The concentrations of these pollutants (such as nitrogen dioxide) at all locations are well below the limit values mandated by EU regulations. The recorded data is considered typical of that which would be expected to be measured in urban and inter urban areas. More information on these results can be found here.

The graph below presents the annual mean NO2 concentration for each of the 10 locations, based on the monthly data passive tube sampling. The Ambient Air Quality Standards Regulations 2011 mandate an annual mean limit value of 40μg/m³ for NO2. As can be seen from the 2016 graph below, the annual mean values were below the limit value at all monitoring locations.


Annual Limit Value, 40 µg/m


Air Quality and North Runway

daa is in the process of developing a full Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) to accompany our submission for a Change To Permitted Operations at the airport. Appropriate mitigation and monitoring initiatives will be part of the EIAR and we will update our air quality monitoring programme as necessary based on the outputs of the EIAR air quality assessment which is currently underway.

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